6 -8 June 2017, Oslo – Norway


Dear Story Seekers,

Your story in the three-day storytelling and media campaigning workshop – Story Seekers – starts very soon. As the protagonist of this exciting story, you might want to be more familiar with the setting and plot to take best out of it. Story Seekers, supported by Open Society Foundation, is implemented by Norsensus Mediaforum in cooperation with City of Oslo Enhet for mangfold og integrering (EMI) and Pocket Stories.

The aim of the workshop is to increase storytelling competences, communication and advocacy capacity of professionals and grass-root organizations working with migrants or asylum seekers in the Nordic countries, by strengthening the cooperation between civil society and media, as well as to increase awareness about the issue of immigration and anti-discrimination in media.

During your three days journey, you will be together with fellow activists, NGO workers, changemakers, and media professionals with diverse backgrounds from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

First day of the workshop (June 6) will be dedicated to the programme introduction, getting more familiar with your stories and setting the mind set for effective storytelling techniques and tips.
Second day of the workshop (June 7) is addressed for learning new tools, establishing connection with storytelling, media strategy and advocacy as well as strengthening partnerships.
The last day (June 8) will be dedicated to practicing the skills in storytelling and preparing joint projects.
Throughout the program you will also benefit from the participants’ experiences and enjoy a number of practical talks from experts on various forms of storytelling. Of course you will also enjoy beauties and summer of Oslo.

We are very excited to meet you in person and unfold new exciting stories together.

See you in Oslo soon


Storytelling and Advocacy

Paula Beudean

Norsensus Mediaforum

As co-creator of the project, Paula has more than ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, in Europe and US. Through the various positions she held, she has developed sound expertise in storytelling, research, fundraising, CSR, advocacy, strategic planning and project management for NGOs.


Ingeborg Mehus

Pocket Stories

Ingeborg is manager and founder of Pocket Stories. She has earned a bachelor in Communication and a Master in Politics of Global Development and has worked with international migration on four continents with both local NGOs, UNHCR and IOM.

Visual Storytelling

Vedat Sevincer

Norsensus Mediaforum

Vedat has worked as journalist, project manager and trainer in the field of media literacy, intercultural communication, visual storytelling, media and communication strategy and media capacity building for NGOs and universities in Norway and 9 different countries.

Advocacy, Policy

Dick Williams


Dick has worked in policies and projects for the integration of immigrants and refugees since 1994 in the UK and Europe. He has long expertise in advocacy, the key policies and services that contribute to inclusion, and empowerement of socially disadvantaged groups.

Digital Storytelling

Tom Byermoen


Tom Byermoen works as a designer and leading developer in Norway’s leading tabloid newspaper VG’s editorial team. He won many local and international awards for his infographics and creative ways of telling stories on digital platforms.

Media Communication

Nora Ibrahim


Nora Ibrahim is a TV producer and journalist at Norwegian state broadcasting company, NRK. She has actively worked in TV productions and news. She has worked with TV content creation for young audience. Now she has been now involved in production of P3’s sjekker ut program and NRK’s popular TV program Typen.

Storytelling, media

Øystein Windstad

LO Media

Øystein is an investigative and multimedia journalist. He worked for NRK and NyTid and has published many groundbreaking stories from Norway, Middle East, Russia and Chechnya. Especially his work on Checehenian refugees made headlines in Norway for a long time.

Media Research

Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk

University of Oslo

Karoline is a postdoctoral fellow at University of Oslo Department of Media and Communication. Her expertise include among others political communication, public debate, migration, and media power. She is running a comparative study of public debates in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

What should I prepare as a participant?

We would like to remind you one important aspect of this workshop: You are the protagonist of this event. So to say, you will be actively shaping the content and sharing your and/or your organization’s knowledge and experience all the time. This sharing is a natural part of the workshop sessions, but if you would like to have a more official presentation of a good example from your organization or work, you can have a dedicated 10 minute presentation session by letting us know until 3th of June. You can also bring information materials, photos, videos and reports from former projects, etc.

Also during the process, you will be sharing your own stories and coach others to tell theirs. So prepare your self with a mindset of storytelling.

If you did not apply yet, hurry up and sign up by clicking here until 5th of June


The workshop will take place in  Litteraturhuset (The House of Literature). The venue in Wergelandsveien 29, is located in central Oslo directly behind the royal palace. To get to the venue from the hotel, you can walk in 25 minutes or take tram number 11 and 17 towards west from Hausmansgate stop to Holbergs plass or Homansbyen stops. The trams come in every 5 minutes and take around 13 minutes. 

You can contact us at any time for your requests or questions.

Norsensus Mediaforum

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+47 41393141
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