About Us

Norsensus Mediaforum is a non-profit media association located in Norway to enhance and improve the practice of media and information literacy, advocacy, and civic participation in society with primary focus on the empowerment of young people and socially deprived groups as well as supporting strategic communication capacity of civil society.

Norsensus Mediaforum’s vision is of a society where all people and communities are engaged in powerful, purposeful, and positive social change. In this frame, we prioritize work with historically underrepresented groups, such as youth, low-income communities, immigrants, rural populations, and women.We infuse a social participation and human rights perspective into all that we do.


Since mid 2008 we have grown from an ad hoc group of volunteers to a focused youth-led media organization.
Beside other professional media publication and production activities, we continued to carry out local social projects in the field of media literacy, and citizenship journalism for especially young people and immigrants women in Norway with a volunteer dedication.

By late 2012, the non-profit media organization- Norsensus Mediaforum was founded with the aim of carrying and expanding these social projects independently.
Today from our headquarters in Oslo, Norsensus Mediaforum team continue to develop exciting social projects, stimulating events and educational programs, and pursuing key partnerships with universities, media outlets and local/international organizations based on our key values and goals..


Norsensus Mediaforum consists of young professionals with experience and expertise in diverse areas from digital media, design, youth work, human rights and engineering. We have also built up a strong team of professionals of all ages and a steering committe which helps and guides us in our projects.


Our vision is a society where all people and communities have equal access to utilize any and all media tools to ensure equal social and economic participation and their self-expression within a diverse media landscape. Our activites and expertize include advovacy campaigning education, ICT, social media and journalism education, media and communication strategy, communication capacity building, curriculum develpment, research and design.

Empowerment of people through Media and Information Literacy is the main starting point for us to support equal democratic participation and fostering informed media consumers and creators. Recognizing this important function of media and information literacy, Norsensus Mediaforum has been found to expand and improve the practice of media and information literacy through a comprehensive strategy which includes education seminars, local and international projects, and grassroots campaigns for young people, parents, teachers, activists and journalists.


  • Engaging young people and other underrepresented groups in critical democratic action centered on growing community, culture, and society.
  • Promoting the evolution of society’s perspectives of youth and other underrepresented groups moving from passive actors in society towards becoming engaged contributors throughout their entire lives.
  • Engaging and supporting young people and adult allies to develop media and communication skills for better social and economic participation.


We are located in Oslo but  Norsensus Mediaforum cooperates actively with NGOs, media organizations, universities and stakeholders both in Norway and all around Europe to develop exciting projects.


Website design / Mobil applications/ Graphic design/ Data visualization/ Promotion materials/ Layout


Video production/ Camera equipment rentals/ Filming/ Promotion videos/ Video editing/ Animation/ Photo editing


Visual storytelling/ Storytelling/ Media strategi/ Filming/Photography/ Journalism/ Stop motion animation


We carry out our our activities in cooperation with our partners all over Europe and generous support of our sponsors. Here are our partners and supporters