Send your Christmas message to people in Norway!

Upload your text, photo and/or video by November 30.

Your message will be part of the Fake news divides, Christmas connects us exhibition, being shared with passers-by, Norsensus friends, and everyone who will meet our volunteers on 4th and 5th of December on the streets of Oslo! We will also add it to our website, on a dedicated page for the messages received from all over the world.

You will receive a personalized message back, on a specially designed postcard, from one of the people visiting the exhibition. We will mail the personalized free postcard, signed by a Norwegian :), to your home address.

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Fake news divides, Christmas connects us

Send Christmas Messages to Norway, real postcards and gifts, and support our media literacy programs for young people.

In the 6th year of our traditional international campaign, this exciting project brings together shared joy of Christmas and young people’s creativity, while raising awareness against disinformation, hate speech and fake news, and support our local and international educational programs to develop media competences against these dividing factors.