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Do You Need Help Visualizing Your Message?


More and more NGOs are using maps, videos and charts for campaigning. Is your NGO ready to make use of data visualization tools?

Newspapers and research papers have long employed data visualizations to communicate more efficiently than with words.
Visualizing information can give an insight which otherwise would be much more difficult to attain. The old charts and maps have evolved today in highly interactive visualizations, although simple Excel charts are still at hand. They are adopted by companies and other institutions for a better communication of their purposes.
Non-profit institutions would also benefit from learning about data visualization and using it for the same purposes. How can it be of great help in making large amounts of data more comprehensible for the readers

  • by allowing engagement with your audience
  • by offering interactivity
  • very useful in quick pitching of a proposed project/ for donations
  • by raising transparency of reports

Contact Norsensus Mediaforum to learn about how we can provide your organization free training and help in visualizing your campaigns.