22 July Video Documentary Making with Youth

This is a video documentary and journalistic training in addition to marking the 5th year anniversary of July 22.

The theme of the interviews is about personal experiences, and diversity after Norway’s bloodiest terrorist attack by right-wing extremist Breivik.

The project brings young people aged 14 to 25 years to receive three-day training from experts in creating video reportage and video editing. After the training, the youths will produce 11 video interviews with different people from different age groups, ethnicity, profession.

Each interview shows person’s experience of the day when the attack happened and their reflections on a common tragedy and how it is to live in a diverse and multicultural society after 5 years of the incident. The interviews will be filmed and edited by young people and published on faktuell.no, agendamagasin.no, tnp.no, social media and other media channels.
The project aims to engage young people more in society by making them aware of social problems and to express their thoughts and views on extremism, radicalism, diversity and coexistence. The project is to involve young people as active citizens to be able to use video, audio and images as a tool to reveal a story.22 july2
Moreover, it seeks to promote active citizenship among young people using engaging and creative methods. As part of this they will improve their skills in the use of media and digital tools.
These capabilities help young people to express themselves in an efficient and transparent manner.
They also learn interviewing techniques and different methods to communicate with other people and help them tell their thoughts, feelings and history.
We also aims at increasing their awareness of the issues of discrimination, extremism, unity and coexistence around common values. Last but not least we want to use this occasion to mark July 22 as a turning point in Norwegian history when it comes to democracy, multiculturalism and diversity in society.

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