ENPower Conference brings together stakeholders and youth workers to support young people from Ukraine

ENpower conference brought together over 50 relevant stakeholders from private sector, universities, public institutions, youth and student organizations from Ukraine. Throughout the two-day event, we presented the results of the ENPower project, and shared with the participants the ENpower Training Toolkit and the ENpower Mentorship Program. Also, participants from the ENpower training course joined the conference to share their learning experience with other youth organizations from Ukraine, but also to follow-up on the changes the training course brought into their professional life.

The conference took place in Lviv, Ukraine, on 22nd-23rd of March 2019, and it included presentations, panels, world cafe forums, short workshops and a small competition for the participants in using digital education tools for young people. First, ENPower partners introduced the participants the project and its more relevant outcomes – ENPower Training Toolkit and ENPower Mentorship Program. Then, during one panel, partners and participants in the ENPower training course that took place in January 2019, in Poland, shared and talked about the importance and professional impact of the international training course experiences for youth workers. Also, partners and participants in the conference presented best practices in the field of youth, entrepreneurship education and youth employment.

At the same time, ENPower partners and former participants in the training courses delivered workshops on digital education tools, storytelling for young people, funding sources for youth cultural projects, entrepreneurship education games, and new forms of education for young people. Finally, the conference included short workshops for youth workers and other participants who wanted to learn how to use the ENpower Toolkit and ENpower Mentorship Program.