Media Talks


Among all action-driven projects, we also aim to provide an intellectual platform for people interested in media and culture. Seminar series, “Media Talks” is part of this mission. In Media Talks, we invite people in side media and culture business to share their vision on various social issues in Norway.
In the first year, we arranged two talks. In the first one, Norway’s first multicultural newspaper, Utrop’s editor, Majoran Vivekananthan discussed with the guests about immigrants and their representation in media.

In the second arrangment, we hosted Two1Three Rap Group. Norwegian Two1Three local rap group talked about their adventures in dance and music and how they use these artisctic tools as a mean of expressionsnakket om deres eventyr i dans og hvordan de musikalske og kunstneriske verktøy hjelper dem til å uttrykke sine meldinger. Den frie stlyle verdensmester gruppen improvisert en kort snutt av sine danseshow til en liten gruppe unge publikum.