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Fighting Hate Speech with Graffiti in Bulgaria

Fighting Hate Speech with Graffiti in Bulgaria

Norsensus Mediaforum was represented in the project Stop Hating Start LOVEing, dedicated to promotion of No Hate Speech Movement and fighting hate speech in a non-violent way, with graffiti. The project was organised by Bulgarian partners – Alternativi International in Bansko, Bulgaria on the 20-27th of May in the framework of Erasmus+ KA1.


During this week 30 participants from Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Macedonia and Norway learned more about hate speech, its causes and consequences, through sharing experience and knowledge from different economical and geographical backgrounds. They have also discussed how to fight hate speech in a non-violent way – through graffiti – and shared information about current situation with hate speech in their countries as well as existing good examples of fighting it.

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In the course of the project participants organised a public action in the city of Razlog, 5 km from Bansko, and created graffities in order to demonstrate how hate speech can be fought in a visual and peaceful way.



Norsensus Mediaforum joined No Hate Speech Movement Online in August 2014, becoming official Norwegian partner of the movement. The No Hate Speech campaign values are closely related to the mission of Norsensus, which is to help development of media literacy skills in the society – an important ingredient of the remedy for hate speech and discrimination.

Since then Norsensus Mediaforum worked with No Hate Speech Movement in Romania as a partner of the project “Digital Literacy for High School Students to Fight Hate Speech and Discrimination in the Media”, run by the Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ).