Healthy project finalizes

Our amazing colleagues Larysa Kolesnyk and Natalia Aaseth just wrapped up 3 consecutive empowering workshops in the heart of Drammen, dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle and nurturing a balanced digital mental health! 🌈🧘‍♀️📱

🌿 Workshop Highlights:

✨ Expert insights on cultivating a healthy lifestyle

✨ Tips & tricks for maintaining a balance in the digital world

✨Interactive sessions promoting mindfulness & self-care

✨ Fun activities to boost overall well-being

A huge shoutout to our colleagues for organizing this fantastic event as part of the ongoing «Healthy» project financed by Nordplus! 🌐

Feel free to share your key takeaways and moments from the workshop using the hashtag #Healthy. Together, we’re creating a culture of well-being and resilience! 🌈🤝💖


You can follow the project news on Facebook page:

The partners of the project:

Edukaciniai Projektai

com&train Denmark

Norsensus Mediaforum

Step By Step Consultancy

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