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Launching Ceremony of Faktuell at Oslo City Hall

Launching Ceremony of Faktuell at Oslo City Hall

Faktuell project launching ceremony was held in Oslo City Hall on 17th of June with the participation of the project team, stakeholders, students and their parents.

The young project participants from various backgrounds presented their journalistic works they prepared in the end of 4 week intense journalism training. The ceremony started with the welcoming speech of Oslo Municipality Information Chief Erik Hansen.

Afterward, 9-year-old Matias Rugsveen showed his talents with his accordion. The program continued with the talks of Norsensus Mediaforum director Abdurrahim Gunaydin and Faktuell advisory board members, Robert Wallace Vaagen, Heidi Biseth and Kristin Beate Vasbö.

The participants also got chance to see an exhibition consisting of the journalistic and photographic works of the Faktuell journalism students. In the end of the program the youngsters who attended to the training received their diplomas.

About Faktuell

Faktuell is a youth generated media project whose main objective is to strengthen young people’s media literacy and help them to run an online publication. The project is aimed at young people aged 14-18. The project intends to create social and political engagement, and strengthen young people’s interest in freedom of speech and democracy in action. This will be achieved by channelling their digital skills into the production of a meaningful media product.

The main objective of the project is to train young people in journalism, as well as stimulate them to express themselves freely and share their ideas and opinions effectively with a real and broad audience. We use the media as a tool for young people to lead an active social involvement in their communities and the world.

In this frame, Faktuell was started as a pilot project in April with the participation of 15 youngsters aged 14-18 and the participants received an intense training in basic bews writing, media ethics, photography and news design. In the end, the participants prepared news articles on different issues including real estate market and its effect on integration, the issue of school nurse in Oslo and euthanasia.