Diversity in Classroom via Media

The general objective of the project is to promote and make respected the democratic values and the human rights among the students and to raise their awareness to diversity. The project offers the teachers a practical instrument that helps them include elements of diversity and multiculturalism in their daily teaching, in attractive, interactive forms (including new media). A toolkit for teachers will be developed to include the legal framework, model lessons, video clips or articles from the media that could serve as a starting point in teaching or in extracurricular activities. The teachers will also contribute their first-hand experience in managing diversity in classrooms. They will organize activities involving their students, other teachers and parents. Representatives of the local media will also attend these activities. The students will be called to produce their own projects aimed at promoting diversity and tolerance. The toolkit will be posted on the CIJ site, for free distribution by all those interested. 100 teachers and 1000 students will benefit directly from this project.

Applicant: Center for Independent Journalism. Partner: Norsensus MediaForum (Norway).

Duration: July 2015-May 2016

Read more about the project at NGO Norway