New Dimensions of Culture. Why does the Subcarpathian Association for Active Families introduce cultural innovations in Subcarpathian municipalities?

On July 1, 2023, during the Festival of Cultural Creators in Rzeszow, the project
«Subcarpathian Culture without Barriers» was inaugurated, in which 5 Subcarpathian
municipalities participate. A lot has happened since then. Project teams have participated in a
series of training sessions with cultural experts. In cooperation with the municipalities, social
diagnoses of the residents of the municipalities in terms of access to and demand for culture
were carried out. Social diagnoses of entrepreneurs from each municipality were also
conducted to identify the attitudes of local business toward cultural events.

Since the beginning of the project, the Subcarpathian Association for Active Families has
been creating and publishing a variety of materials related to the cultural heritage of
municipalities, which is extremely important for local communities in building social ties and
preserving traditions.

This is a good time to ask ourselves, what is cultural innovation? It’s not easy to point to one
correct answer, but it’s not just new events or technologies, it’s first and foremost a fresh look
at art and cultural heritage. It’s boldness in experimentation, creating new narratives and
building bridges between tradition and modernity.

Why combine innovation with cultural heritage?

  • Interest of the younger generation – through innovation we can not only preserve
    cultural heritage, but also make it more dynamic and adaptable to the changing world,
    thus inspiring the next generation to cherish the heritage of their ancestors.
  • Social dialogue – innovations create space for creativity and diversity. They inspire
    reflection, develop imagination, and have great potential for building stronger
    intergenerational ties.
  • Development of local communities – cultural innovations not only revitalize public
    space, but also build local identity. Through our initiative, project teams have
    developed strategies for entrepreneurship and audience education, creating a
    sustainable foundation for the social and cultural development of the region’s
    Preserving cultural heritage through innovation and connecting generations is a key step in
    building a lasting bridge between the past and the future.

Named project „Subcarpathian Culture without Barriers” benefits from funding of EUR
313,842.82 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA and Norway
Grants. The total value of the project with own contribution is PLN 1,685,963.64.

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