Norsensus Mediaforum provides media training and consultancy service for NGOs and public organisations for helping them to increase their media and communication capacity and hence their impact in society.

Whether your organization is working on a specific campaign/project, or you would like to improve your organisation’s overall communication strategy, our experts can provide you guidance, practical help and professional training.

You can get help from our experts in form of campaign planning, workshops and in-depth consultancy in the following areas:

  • Journalism and storytelling
  • Visual design (Preparation of infographics, posters and other visual materials)
  • Developing Communication strategy
  • Web design
  • Media relations and press releases
  • Social media for effective advocacy
  • Photography and Video production

Our trainings and consultancy is fully-customized to match your needs and mission.

The training services are tailored to benefit a 13-65 audience with different proficiency level. We can deliver a range of media initiatives to enrich your existing youth projects with engaging, practical and creative training covering a range of media.



Norsensus Mediaforum is also dedicated to provide professional design and production services for NGOs and public organizations in the following areas:

Design and Production Services

  • Infographics for researches, reports and informative materials
  • Video Production for your events, campaigns and charities
  • Website Design

Promotion Materials Design and Printing

  • Branded T-Shirts, Magnets, Mugs
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Books, Magazines