A Really Inspiring Space

Call it an accelerator. | Call it a co-working space. | Call it an incubator. | Call it whatever you want.

But one thing is for certain – ARIS is A Really Inspiring Space!

ARIS is a home for innovation in the heart of Limassol and provides the space, support, inspiration and community needed for a strong and vibrant innovation culture. It’s a space that has been specifically designed to assist startups transform innovative ideas into successful business ventures.

What is ARIS?

ARIS is a startup accelerator, founded by Deloitte and the Bank of Cyprus with the sole purpose of offering entrepreneurs with the structure, mentorship and network needed to launch successful business ventures. The acceleration programme has been designed and is being curated by Deloitte’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.

The accelerator targets startups that want to speed up the execution time of their projects and accelerate their go-to market speed. As a result, ARIS is looking for startups with an existing proof of concept or prototype and ideally an MVP, and which are serious about building a scalable and investable business.

We want ARIS to be a meeting point between corporates and startups. Large organizations will have the opportunity to harness the operational speed, unconventional approach and creativity of innovative startups, whereas startups will gain a natural point of entry into the market. Our objective is to spark innovation and facilitate the creation and development of ideas, products and services that will be solving real problems through the utilization of technological means. We envision to create impactful startup businesses that grow with our assistance, matching our residents with potential clients and investors.