Društvo Ekologi Brez Meja – EBM

Društvo Ekologi Brez Meja – EBM (Slovenia), The Ecologists without Borders Association (English) is one of the leading Slovenian NGOs dealing with the improvement of the environment – focusing on the efficient use of resources and civic activation. EBM is an active member of several international networks such as Zero Waste Europe, Let’s do it world !, Break Free From Plastic. EBM fights for a waste-free world through research, awareness-raising, education, collaboration and the creation of good practices. EBM also educates about the impact of waste on the climate. Since 2004, he has been running a growing network of cities that have adopted zero waste strategies, aiming at waste prevention and better management. In terms of education, EBM has co-implemented several Erasmus + projects and regularly conducts meetings and workshops for a variety of audiences, especially pupils and pupils in Slovenian schools. Currently, EBM is running a citizen science project on waste for schools across the country.