22 July Documentary Project with Youth


Topicdiversity, youth


This is a video documentary and journalism training to mark the 5th year of July 22 terrorist attacks in Norway. The theme of the interviews is about personal experiences about the attacks, and diversity. In the project, young people aged 14-25 received three-day training from experts in making video reports and produce 10 video interviews with different people from different age groups, ethnicity, profession and place of residence in Oslo. Each interview showcased this person’s experience of July 22nd from that day and their reflections on what it is like to live in a diverse and multicultural society today. The interviews were filmed and edited by the youth and published on different paltforms to highlight the themes of diversity and living together around shared values, memories and experiences.

The project seeks to engage young people even more in society by making them aware of societal problems and getting their thoughts and views on extremism, radicalism, diversity and coexistence.