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Project implemented with a grant from the Active Citizens – National Fund, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.

A photo fro mthe summer camp that took place from 29. June to 3. July 2022

Norsensus Mediaforum is a partner of the “Girls Building” project implemented by the Polish non-governmental organization Subcarpathian Association for Active Families (PSAR) under the Active Citizens – National Programme.

The project is aimed at two groups of recipients:
• girls aged 12-16
• educators – people who have professional contact with girls aged 12-16, i.e. teachers, trainers, tutors and educators.

Purpose of the Project: counteracting discrimination and bias-motivated violence against girls, developing social competencies, support in building a strong personality and self- confidence. The project aims to show girls how to effectively combat gender stereotypes, difficult and stressful situations, and how to stand up for themselves and set boundaries.

Project activities:

Meetings that will take place in the province of Subcarpathian (Poland), broaden the knowledge
of prejudices and inequalities affecting girls and indicate how to deal with them effectively.
for educators:

• anti-discrimination workshops
• creating a social initiative
for girls:
• anti-discrimination workshops;
• herstory workshops;
• 4-day Power Camp during which workshops on social competencies, cooperation,
campaigning and storytelling will be held;
• creating campaigns for local communities.

Our role in the project includes providing knowledge on the methods used in the area of anti-discrimination activities and substantive support under the project. We will be involved in the implementation of a social campaign and social initiatives, and will also conduct workshops in the field of storytelling and design thinking.

Project effects: strengthening the discriminated group, increasing knowledge about gender- based violence and the ability to react to it, and increasing the social competencies of the target group. Workshops, social initiatives, an educational camp and a social campaign will highlight the occurrence of these phenomena and will strengthen the girls and build a network of people to support them.

Social campaigns prepared by young participants of the project

The social campaign CONVERSATION = LIFE was addressed to teenagers and young people, as well as people from their close environment, i.e. parents, teachers, friends and peers. It aims to draw attention to the problems faced by contemporary youth. The campaign raises the subject of mental problems, which are often the cause of depression and suicide attempts.
It is also an invitation to young people to talk about their problems, what worries and troubles them, as well as an appeal to people from their close environment to watch more closely and pay attention to crisis situations in which young people find themselves.

The campaign was developed and prepared by a group of girls participating in the “Girls are building” project with the support of Agnieszka Caban, an anti-discrimination trainer.

“Young Voice Has Power” is a unique social campaign addressed to young people, especially girls. Because a large number of young women feel that they are not adequately represented in social and political life, and that they have no real influence on what is happening in their immediate environment. This campaign aims to encourage them to be boldly involved in social and political life from an early age. e.g. by taking part in the elections to the Youth City or Commune Council. It is very important for young people to make decisions that affect the development of the town in which they live.

The campaign was developed and prepared by a group of girls participating in the “Girls are building” project with the support of Agnieszka Caban, an anti-discrimination trainer.

A unique social campaign entitled “Words Have Power” was made in the form of animation. It is aimed at young people and their environment, i.e. parents, teachers, peers, etc.

Its purpose is to draw attention to the power of words spoken to another person. “you’re a snitch”, “do something with yourself”, “you don’t even know Tik Tok”, “you’re not like us” such unpleasant words and discriminatory behavior increase the chance of self-injury and increase the risk of suicide attempts among children and adolescents.

“You are important to us”, “You have the right to feel bad”, “I love you the way you are”, “I am proud that you are my daughter”, “I respect your opinion”, “I am here if you need my help” are words that they build a sense of value and self-confidence in another person, they give him support.
Words have power, so use them wisely.

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