Stop-motion animation workshop with asylum children




The stop-motion animation project for asylum children has been completed with support from the Norwegian Immigration Directorate – UDI. From September to December we had 7 workshops with the children (between 5 and 11) at Bjørnebekk.

Stop-motion is a traditional animation technique that employs the things we surround ourselves with daily and animates them using digital cameras or cell phones. The animation is created by taking snapshots of the animation object that is eventually assembled into a movie clip. By using this creative and fun way of creating animations, we want to help develop children’s creative and artistic aspects as well as learning to plan, organize and collaborate in a fun way.

We use model clay to create shapes, textiles, paper and other materials for making decorations. Working with clay has a stress-relieving effect and, in general, the activity stimulates children’s creativity and collaboration skills.