Story Seekers: A Nordic Initiative for Inclusion through Media

The project aims to increase advocacy capacity of NGOs or grassroot organizations working with migrants or asylum seekers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, by strengthening the cooperation between them and media (journalists social media content creators and bloggers), as well as to increase awareness about the issue of immigration and anti-discrimination in blogosphere and media in general.

More precisely, the project’s objectives are:
Stir up people’s curiosity towards migrants / asylum seekers issue through media / social media / advocacy campaigns organized in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Develop a network of NGO workers, bloggers and journalists from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and other European countries, which will promote through their common work anti-discriminatory discourses in their home countries or transnationally.
Develop an action plan for replicating the project in Western European countries, which face similar discriminatory attitudes and discourses towards migrants and asylum seekers.