Promoting Recognition of Non Formal Education and Building Strategic Partnerships in Portugal

Norsensus Mediaforum took part in one-week training course devoted to forming strategic partnerships and developing projects within Erasmus+ KA2. From May, 10 – 16th the training course for youth workers, leaders and project managers was held on Madeira island of Portugal in the framework of N.I.C.E. – New Intervention with Creative Education, a contribution training scheme to support Erasmus+ Youth in order to empower young people. The course was organized by Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus + Youth in Action with the help of facilitators Carlos de Sousa Santos and Maya Doneva.

Norsensus Mediaforum is currently involved in Erasmus+ KA2 project – Your KITE Media & Entrepreneurship project. It is a strategic partnership with two NGOs in Poland and one in Romania, aiming to develop digital media and communication skills of young people, promote volunteering and professional orientation, as well as to develop entrepreneurship knowledge of youth in order to ease them the access to the labor market and to reduce unemployment among young people.

30 participants from Madeira, mainland Portugal, Italia, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Norway were involved in the training course to build strategic partnerships with the help of non formal education. They explored different project management instruments and designed their own, discussed the challenges of intellectual outputs and qualitative and quantitative indicators for project activities. The program of the training was directed to facilitating the process of writing and getting approved the projects in the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

The training was also focusing on social innovation. On one of the days the participants visited 3 examples of implemented social innovations in Funchal, the capital of Madeira: protesting robot and emergency radio, being developed at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (MITI), social centre for youth and elder people and the project The Art of Open Doors, which renovated one of the oldest and criminal streets in Funchal.

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By the end of the training course Norsensus Mediaforum made agreements on developing several projects in the sphere of media literacy with partner countries in Europe.

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