Academy for the Support and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Women





The project’s focus is to support and solutions of disadvantaged women’s complex needs. These are single mothers, mothers and children in financial distress, and women with lack of appropriate education in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Single mothers, mothers with children in financial distress, and lower educated women live on the fringes of society – they take care of the children, while having to work to earn money to provide for their children and themselves. However, without part-time of flexible hours working opportunities, this is proving to be an unsurmountable challenge. Both public and private employers do not find it necessary to offer part-time work, especially to single mothers. The project’s goal is therefore to increase awareness among those employers, so they can react adequately to the needs of disadvantaged women, in particular in terms of improved access to part-time and flexible hours working arrangements. These objective will be achieved through deployment of educational program of the Academy for Support and Empowerment of Disadvantaged women. The educational programme will help them gain and share the necessary knowledge and skills. Our activities will further help empower a group of 30 women that will then be in a better position to present and implement ideas and plans of their communities. Thanks to this targeted support, the women will be able to stabilize their lives, and at the same time they will acquire necessary skills to support similarly disadvantaged woman and mother to help them peruse their interests in the broader society, at regional level. The project will be implemented together with two partners, one of them from abroad (Norway).

Lumpíkov , in cooperation with Rovnovázka and Norsensus Mediaforum , implements the Academy for the Support and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Women

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