Subcarpathian culture without barriers

«Subcarpathian culture without barriers» – is a Norwegian-Polish collaboration project that aims to support and develop entrepreneurship of local creators, artists, cultural heritage institutions and cultural centers from 5 subcarpathian municipalities in Poland.

Artists, activists and cultural officials in these municipalities will take part in a series of trainings and workshops, as well as a study visit to Norway – all free of charge! They will learn and implement modern methods of promoting culture in practice. In addition, individualized, long-term strategies for audience development and cultural entrepreneurship will be prepared for each municipality.

During the project, Norwegian good practices will be used – cultural activities involving minority groups.

Over the next 18 months, we will organize exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals, competitions, field games and other artistic events that will take place in the selected 5 municipalities.

The project targets historically underrepresented groups such as youth, low-income communities, immigrants, rural people and women. The project allows fair and full participation, regardless of; gender, age, disability, belief, religion, race, origin, and sexual orientation.

At the end, there will be 5 innovative cultural events, organized with the substantive and financial support of the coordinators of the project. The project will pay special attention to groups that participate less frequently in cultural life: eg children, youth, people with disabilities, etc. Priority of participation in the project will be given to communes where national and ethnic minorities live.

The project «Subcarpathian culture without barriers» benefits from funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds . The aim of the project is to increase audience participation in cultural heritage events by at least 1 500 participants. The total value of the project is PLN 2.208.099,22.

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