Visionary – Strategic fundraising for emerging NGOs

This collaborative project is led by our Romanian partner Synerb Venture Catalyzer with the support of EEA Norway Grants. The aim of the project is simply to capacitate emerging NGOs in Romania with competence-building activities in the field of strategic fundraising and communication.

In this project we contribute to our partner´s effort to consolidate the financial sustainability and governance of 12 Romanian NGOs active in the areas of local and community development, education or social organizations providing direct support and social services to vulnerable or disadvantaged people.

85% of the Romanian NGOs have an annual budget of less than 45.000 EURO, and most organizations haven’t participated in any organizational development programs focused on developing their strategic fundraising skills. Young, visionary organizations with a potential for sustained impact in various areas are not equipped to write solid projects, cannot assess the available funding sources, are not approaching local companies and are unable to develop a strong network of supporters or a board.

We assessed the aggregate feedback from 40 small organizations and – based on the findings – we designed a complex support program for a cohort of 12 emerging organizations. With our partners from Oslo, Norsensus Mediaforum, over the course of two years, we aim to consolidate the financial sustainability and governance of the 12 NGOs – 50% from rural areas or small towns, and 50% from urban settlements – active in the areas of local development, education or social organizations providing direct support to vulnerable people.

These visionary organizations, selected through an open call, will undergo a transformational process that includes strategic mentoring with the Synerb team and with other senior experts, they will benefit from our tailored, on-site support, will have access to various strategic and management tools, and will participate at two Growth Camps.

We envision an intense, tailored process, resulting in 12 fundraising plans implemented, better projects written, 6 essential training topics delivered, such as Fundraising and Advanced Storytelling (from our Norwegian partners), a clear vision for each organization and engaged boards to support their strategy. We will enrich the sector by creating an Introductory strategic fundraising course (MOOC) and will help increase the sustainability of organizations impacting at least 250 people. Last but not least, the project will be implemented by a team with solid experience in working with ambitious cohorts of NGOs.

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