Our project wishes to contribute to this effort by providing an integrative approach to train and capacitate young people to become skillful entrepreneurs and employees. The project aims at developing the skills and competences of young people by creating an integrative education toolkit that will be used in promoting knowledge volunteering, enhancing entrepreneurship competences and developing the media and communication skills of youth. Moreover, to create comprehensive and ready to use materials which will allow other organizations and institutions to support young people who want and need ICT based knowledge, entepreuralship knowledge and work experience through engaging in knowledge volunteering activities.

All materials  are being develped in an international team from organizations from Romania, Poland and Norway, whose members are experts in the fields the project is based on. All materials created during the project will be made available, as open source material.  All developed materials will be made available in English, Norwegian, Romanian, and Polish.

The project started in September 2015 and lasted till June 2017.  During the course of the project the following activities have been organized:

  • Training on Visual Communication in Norway
  • Training on Volunteering, Labor Market Issues and Training Methodologies in Poland
  • Training on Entrepreneurship in Romania
  • International Youth Train the Trainers  workshop in Romania
  • Online learning training in Norway Poland and Romania on Visual Communication, Entrepreneurship and Labor Market issues
  • Final Toolkit Inauguration meeting in Norway, Poland and Romania