Rewind Radicalisation – Building up Strategies Against Extremism

What do we mean by terms like ‘radicalism’ and ‘extremism’? Is there a difference between ‘good radicalism’ and ‘bad radicalism’? What strategies can we use to counter the threat of rising extremism in local communities, and ensure that our societies remain united? These are the questions that were discussed at the conference Rewind Radicalisation – Building up Strategies Against Extremism.

From 7-12 April, around 80 NGO representatives from all over Europe met at a venue near Prague, CZ to discuss the issue of radicalisation and (violent) extremism in Europe. Organised by UNITED for Intercultural Action, a European network of antiracist NGOs, the conference provided a platform for activists and civil society representatives to discuss the issues, develop new strategies and projects, and network with other practioners from all over the continent.

“Like every UNITED conference, I’m sure this is going to be a unique event and provide many new insights into the issue of radicalisation and extremism in Europe,” said UNITED programme coordinator Balint Josa.

You can follow proceedings from the conference with live-reporting on the UNITED Conference Facebook page and the UNITED Twitter account. You can tune in to a live stream of the debate Divide to UNITE – Is Europe Radicalising? from 14.30-16.00 CEST, Saturday 8 April (via Facebook).

This conference was prepared by:

* Antikomplex, Czech Republic

* Bulgarian Red Cross – Refugees & Migrant Service

* EFSYN – Efimerida ton Sintakton, Greece

* Human Rights Association, Georgia

* Norsensus Mediaforum, Norway

* UNITED for Intercultural Action

In cooperation with:

* Heinrich Böll Foundation

* Prague Spring II Network

This conference has been made possible with the financial support of:

* The European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

* The Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union