Photography is my passion

I was born in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, I was born too early in December. Already in high school I had my own exhibition together with other photographers from Poland. Photography is my passion. Photography is my window to the world, to see and express myself. I am studying Cultural Animation in Lublin, I am in the 3rd year of my study, specializing in photography and film. Three years ago I was in Majsternia, a program for people active in their community, I enjoyed it a lot as I started to work with other active people and learned about practical animation techniques. At this time my values changed. I come from a small city and this experience was an eye opener for me, it made me understand what my study is about, that it is about making people understand that they can have an influence, can be active, make use of their talents and can cooperate . At this time I met also other people who are active, and they introduced me to Projektor, the only think I regret is that it was that late. It has become my daily life. I also work as a photographer in various other NGOS in Lublin. A lot happened in my life , for the good, people started to see my potential. I created my own film and photography project in my city, about the art of tattooing. I was from the beginning to the end responsible for it, as I had to do it on my own it gave the strength to believe that I can do everything and all is possible. Being from a small city restricted me , I felt that not all is possible. Nowadays I work for one of the bigger NGOS in Lublin as a photographer but besides that I still have time for Projector , I am doing photography workshops for youth and kids in schools. I like it a lot , as kids have a different way of seeing the world and it is very enriching for me. I am looking at the world through the lens of the camera , the world seems completely different and I seem to be a completely different person. I am myself.