Teenagers learn about the challenges of broadcast journalism from NRK`s Mohammed Alayoubi

The third day of media workshop Faktuell went fast and was productive.

On Wednesday, September, 2 Deichmanske bibliotek welcomed a guest from NRK, Norwegian public broadcaster. Mohammed Alayoubi is broadcast journalist, photographer and film director who was recently nominated for one of the most important awards in journalism – Den store journalistprissen – for his work on investigative journalism in conflict areas over several years.

Alayoubi has vast knowledge and rich experience from the conflicts in the Middle East. He covered all the recent wars from the Arab Spring to the civil war in Syria. Alayoubi is originally from Lebanon but was raised in Norway. He worked for many different channels, but in the last 16 years, he filmed just for NRK, mostly for the programme Urix.

Alayoubi began the workshop with a brief lecture on the fundamental principles of video filming that is framing, eyeline and positioning. During the lecture all participants tried to film a video interview with one another. Meanwhile Mohammed corrected imperfections and gave useful tips for filming.

Afterwards future journalists were ready for an independent task. All participants were divided into the groups of 3 (journalist, photographer and interviewee) and needed to make three interviews with each other, switching roles. It was an interesting game, and the results of it showed that everyone learned a lot from this workshop.

In the end of the meeting there was a little debate on the contemporary situation in the Middle East and how a journalist should behave in dangerous and touching conditions.

On Saturday Faktuell will continue with investigative journalism. Øystein Windstad from NRK and HiOA professor Robert Vaagan are going to tell about the easiest and fastest ways to gather important information in a proper manner. Remember to sign up for the Saturday workshop!


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