Visualize IT


This is a unique data visualization and multimedia production training for youth between 14-19 years. In collaboration with media partners we provide young people with training in photo and video editing and graphic design for use in reporting and advocacy campaigning. The main objective of this project is to gather young people from different backgrounds around common interest and give young people new venues for socialization and self development.

We also help the youth to be more active through the use of visual elements and digital media tools addressing issues of interest to them in an active and effective way. This also give youth chance to gain new skills for employment and their social activism.

The main activities in the project are six workshops with emphasis on practice. In these workshops the young people:
… Learn how to develop and produce multimedia stories
… Learn to produce and edit visual content through the use of programs Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and After Effects,
… Learn how to create graphs, maps, data visualization to tell their stories.

— Learn to draw

— Learn stop motion animation technique

At the end of the project, the participants get chance to work on differnt multimedia projects in groups.