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Your KITE Project Visit in Cluj, Romania for entrepreneurship


Norsensus Mediaforum, Fundatia Danis, FRSI and Information Society Development Foundation met up in Romania for training, team-building and further development of the YourKite Project. Cluj is a city with focus on education and entrepreneurship and was the perfect location for learning more about this.

We visited young entrepreneurial projects like Cluj Makers and older structured NGO’s like Civitas. We got a peek on how it can be in the beginning for such organisations and how it is when they are already well developed.

Your Kite Prosjekt i Cluj
Your Kite Prosjekt i Cluj

In our training, we learned about different kinds of leadership and the kind of qualities they can bring to projects and organisations. We also learned about the benefits of structuring projects, life or businesses in concrete steps. The dean of the local university visited us to tell us about the promising school-system in Cluj.

Many of us learned that our impression of Romania in advance could not be applied to Cluj, a city with blooming advances in both education and  and with a positive attitude towards the future.

Text: Sven Inge Røste

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