Your KITE Media & Entrepreneurship Project

YourKITE project develops digital media and communication skills of young people, and promote volunteering and professional orientation in order to ease the youth’s access to the labor market. At the same time, the project promotes entrepreneurship within youth as a way out of unemployment, by developing entrepreneurship knowledge and skills of young people.

Our project wishes to contribute to this effort by providing an integrative approach to train and capacitate young people to become skillful entrepreneurs and employees. The project aims at developing the skills and competences of young people by creating an integrative education toolkit that will be used in promoting knowledge volunteering, enhancing entrepreneurship competences and developing the media and communication skills of youth. This toolkit will be made available, as open source material, to various organizations and institutions as well as individuals.

The toolkit will be developed in an international team from organizations from Romania, Poland and Norway, whose members are experts in the fields the project is based on. The expertise from each organization participating in the project will be provided to the other partners, though three short-term joint staff trainings, allowing for an exchange of knowledge and enhancement of competences of the organizational members in order to develop jointly the toolkit and provide training to young participants (age 18-30).

The toolkit will be put to a test during a pilot phase in which 18 young participants will be invited to learn how to use the toolkit and put the gained knowledge into practice during a transnational training. The participants of the transnational training will put their grained skills and knowledge to a test by conducting in to total 27 workshops for 400 teenagers and youth in Poland, Romania and Norway. During the pilot phase also online webinar trainings (distance learning) will be provided to 40 young participants ( age 18-30) who may be limited by various obstacles preventing them to join for the transnational training. Feedback and suggestions provided through evaluation forms collected from all direct and indirect participants in the pilot phase as well as from 40 partner organizations and three external experts will allow all organizations participating in this project to finalize the integrative toolkit.

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Moreover, it will allow to finalize: the online learning platform , on the project website, where additional information and materials will be provided and can be downloaded; the insight report which will provide other organizations and institutions with evaluation materials project management insight which they can put into use when establishing projects which will make use of the toolkit and young volunteers; the online trainings which will allow individuals and organizations to learn in addition to the provided toolkit.

In addition to the above mentioned activities the project partners will meet for two transnational meetings which will allow them to prepare and finalize the trainings and all other materials which aim to fulfill the demands and expectations of young people to help them develop and find work opportunities. Moreover, to create comprehensive and ready to use materials which will allow other organizations and institutions too support young people who want and need ICT based knowledge, entrepreunalship knowledge and work experience through engaging in knowledge volunteering activities.

Start Date: 01-09-2015
Ending Date: 30-06-2017
Duration in months: 22
EC Contribution: 139,138
Fundacja Rozwoju Wolontariatu/Volunteering Development Foundation- Poland
Fundatia Danis pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala- Romania
Norsensus Mediaforum
The project is funded by the EU program Erasmus +: Youth. These materials contain recipient’s opinions and views. Neither the National Office for Erasmus +: Youth or the European Commission may be held responsible for the content.

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