Youth Exchange at Youth Center Plovdiv: Norwegian participants to meet Bulgarian youth and youth workers in Plovdiv

In the spirit of fostering international understanding and promoting sustainable competence development among young people, an exciting youth exchange is set to take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This initiative, organized under the project titled «Powerful Factor for Sustainable Development of the Young People in the Region,» is a collaborative effort between Norsensus Mediforum from Norway, Plovdiv Municipality, and the Applied Research and Communications Fund in Bulgaria. Generously financed by the Active Citizenship Fund through EEA Grants Norway, this youth exchange aims to create a platform for cultural exchange, skill development, and collaboration among young minds.


Eight enthusiastic youths from Norway, along with two dedicated youth workers, will embark on this unique journey to Plovdiv. The exchange, scheduled to take place from March 18th to March 22nd, promises a rich and diverse experience for all involved.

Workshops and Learning Opportunities:

The heart of this youth exchange lies in the series of engaging workshops that participants will attend during their stay in Plovdiv. From digital literacy and design thinking to project management, inclusion, human rights, and leadership, these workshops are designed to equip participants with essential skills for personal and professional development. The exchange aims to create an interactive learning environment that encourages dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of diverse perspectives.

Cultural Exchange and Social Activities:

Beyond the workshop sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Plovdiv. The exchange program includes social activities within the city, allowing the participants to explore and connect with the local community. These activities aim to foster friendships, break down cultural barriers, and create lasting bonds among the participants.

Accommodation and Logistics:

The participants will be accommodated at the youth center’s hotel in shared twin rooms, providing a comfortable and communal living space. All accommodation, food, and travel costs for the Norwegian participants are generously covered, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their participation in this transformative experience.

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